17 Aug

Which Is Better For Your Pet – Wet Or Dry Food?

If you’re one of those pet parents struggling with the age-old question, of what to feed your furry  friend, then let us assure you that it is a very common problem and we understand your dilemma. What goes in your dog’s bowl, wet or dry, is something that bothers every pet parent, and rightfully so. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but it is up to you as dog parents to find the right match for your pet.         

There are additional caveats as you get more specific, like what sort of food is suitable for your dog based on their age and breed. Different breeds have different activity levels and metabolism rates, in addition to this, age also plays in important role in nutritional requirement. The type and ratio of nutrients required for a puppy vary significantly from that of a senior dog. Therefore, nutrition has to be tailored accordingly. So, confusion due to overwhelming information is understandable, but let’s get back to the current bone of contention: Wet dog food or dry dog food?

wet or dry food for pet

Wet Food:   

If your dogs don’t drink adequate amounts of water, choosing wet food would be a great option to keep your dog hydrated. They are also a good alternative when your fur baby is sick and lacks appetite. Wet food is also a great option for dogs with missing teeth, poorly aligned jaws or smaller mouths.

However, there are some cons of wet food as well. For instance, once you open the wet food can, it loses its shelf life. Therefore, it needs to be covered and refrigerated and used quickly before it gets spoiled. Upon that wet food is comparatively more expensive than dry food.

Benefits Of Wet Dog Food:

 1. Easy To Chew:

If you have been shying away from giving your dogs canned food then here’s some good news for you. A good-quality wet food, even if it’s canned will always support and maintain your dog’s health. According to veterinarians, feeding your dogs wet dog food won’t harm their teeth or gums. In fact, wet food is considered to be the best option for older dogs who have teeth and gum issues.

2. Great For Growing Dogs:

When young, dogs need more protein for strength and energy. Wet food contains more protein than dry food. They contain more grains, like corn, oats and other whole grains, which help older dogs with healthy digestion.     

3. They Add Hydration:  

Many dogs do not have the adequate amount of water required for their daily hydrating needs. As wet food has a much higher moisture content than dry food, one of the key reasons of feeding your dog wet food is to keep your dogs hydrated. Some breeds are also predisposed to urinary tract issues, therefore wet pet food can help assist these dogs by increasing their overall water intake and promoting urinary tract health.

benefits Of wet dog food

Dry Food:  

Dry food looks more like a biscuit or kibble that come in bags of varying sizes. It usually contains water up to about 11%, which is then added into the mix ingredients to make a dough. The dough will then rise in the cooker which is then pushed through a small hole under pressure. This process allows the dough to heat up. It is then cooked as it is pushed through. A cutter then cuts the cooked dough into various shapes to make what we know as dry dog food.  

Benefits Of Dry Food:

1. Dry food provides a good dental work-out for dogs

Dry food helps to break away tartar deposits on teeth. It is also believed that around 80% of dogs aged over 3 years suffer from dental and gum diseases, with dental treatment not normally covered in pet insurance policies, the cost of treatment can be a reason to worry about. Such type of food is also used while training dogs. Dry food also gets an advantage over wet dog food as they don’t smell as bad.

2. Easy To Measure Portion Sizes For Your Pet

One of the biggest advantages with dry dog food is that you can measure exactly the amount of food to be served to your dogs. Obesity is a major risk with dogs, thus feeding your precious puppy the right amount is important to keep him healthy. Dry food can create a feeling of fullness without adding the extra calories, it can be considered as a lighter alternative.

benefits of dog dry food

Try Both!

If you want your dogs to enjoy the benefits of both worlds, then try blending mixes of both wet and dry food into your dog’s daily routine so he gets to enjoy the goodness of both each time he visits his bowl. You can also choose to feed dry kibble in the morning and offer your dog a can of wet food at night.

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