Why does my dog sleep that way?

How does your dog sleep? Ever wondered why it sleeps that way? Like us humans, dogs love to sleep and have their preferred positions too! It’s not just all about comfort though, how a dog sleeps gives important insights into a dog’s personality and habits. Depending on its environment and mood, your dog may stick to one favourite position or adopt different positions at different times. Here is a guide that will tell you what the different positions are and what it means:

Dog Sleeping Positions:

1.The Super Dog

Super Dog positions

Dogs who sleep this way are generally high on energy and easily motivated. With all four limbs stretched out and head levelled on the ground, this position makes it easy for your dog to spring up and get going as soon as he wakes up.

2.  The Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper positions dogs

A dog on its side is a happy dog indeed! This position is a peaceful rested position and dogs who sleep this way are totally at comfort with their surroundings and feel completely secure in their environment. They tend to be happy go lucky and fiercely loyal.

3. All curled up.

curled up dogs

The curled up position is the most common position and is also the most defensive position. By curling up the dog is trying to conserve heat and trying to protect its limbs, throat and vital organs. You would see most outdoor dogs sleep this way.

4. Legs in the air.

legs in the air dog

One of the funnier sleeping positions, a dog sleeping on its back with its legs in the air is one carefree stress free happy dog! They are totally confident and secure in their environment.

This position is also characteristic of dogs who have expended a lot of energy during the day and need to cool off quickly.

5. Snuggled up.

Snuggled up dog position

When your dog snuggles up with you or another pet in the house while sleeping, it indicates a real bond or complete trust. This position indicates affection and a protective instinct.

What is your dog’s favorite position? Share with us your pet sleeping positions stories in the comments below.

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