Why Himalayan Chews are Better Than Most Dog Treats Out There

Dogs love chewing! It isn’t a hidden fact. Every pet parent has had at least one of their possessions destroyed by their little ones. Chewing is a natural process for dogs; not only does chewing aid them in having their food, but also helps them explore the world around. Apart from this, chewing on an object keeps them mentally stimulated as well. The teething stage in puppies is when chewing is at its peak, it goes down as the teeth grow and the dogs grow up. Sometimes, dogs don’t grow out of this phase and continue munching on things. It is important that we, as pet parents, provide our little ones with the right outlets to practice their chewing. This would ensure that none of your things get destroyed and your little one can still practice their chewing.

Are You Feeding Your Furball Poison?

If you are searching for chew toys or treats, then you will find a lot of options in the market. From silicon toys to edible chews, you name it and it is available. We as pet parents need to be able to differentiate between the various options based on what is suitable and beneficial for our little ones. Rawhides have been used as a chew for a long time. But did you know that these are actually by-products of the leather industry, they contain a lot of chemicals and preservatives that can be extremely harmful to your little ones. Some toys tend to have sharp edges that may hurt your dog. Others may break off from the chewing and get lodged in their throats.

One of the best options out of all the treats out there are the Himalayan Cheese Chews. Here are a few reasons why.

Why Himalayan Cheese Chews

  • Great as Dental Chews

These Himalayan cheese treats are great as dental chews as they help remove plaque and tartar that can build up inside a dog’s teeth. The constant chewing also helps work up their teeth and gums keeping them healthy and strong.

  • Long-Lasting  

One of the main things people look for in dog treats is how long they will last. Dogs tend to gobble up anything and everything given to them, and thus pet parents want something that will take some time for dogs to wear down. These long lasting dog chews are hardened and smoke-dried under natural conditions. It makes them very hard and long-lasting. Your little one will be at it for a long time as compared to other treats.

  • Acts as a Supplement

Himalayan cheese chews are not only an aid to chewing but also provide dogs nutrition. These chews are filled with the goodness of milk. They contain proteins, vitamins, and other essential nutrients and are low in fat as well. They are a great supplement to a dogs diet. They add what their diets may lack.

  • Healthy Yet Yummy

These treats are made out of milk which has been hardened and made into cheese. Thus the nutrient content in these products is high. Filled with the goodness of calcium, these treats are a great option to provide multiple benefits. Upon that, these treats are hardened milk cheese treats that have been smoke-dried and sun-dried under natural conditions to give it that irresistible smoked cheesy flavor that dogs love. Not only are they healthy, but yummy in the tummy as well!

  • Good for Sensitive Dogs

These treats are a good option for sensitive dogs as they do not contain grain or gluten in them. They will keep their Lil’ tummies safe and can help avoid any of the food allergies caused by dog treats.

  • Keeps your Dog Entertained

As mentioned above, chewing is a natural process in dogs and also keeps them mentally stimulated. Due to the long lasting nature and delicious taste, dogs love spending time on these treats. What’s more? There are no added preservatives or chemicals. These treats keep your little one engaged and out of trouble for long.

  • A Two in One Treat

This treat can also transform into a different yummy delight altogether. All you need to do is microwave it for a while. This hard chew turns into a crunchy cheesy treat. Your little ones will love the texture of these soft dog treats. If you don’t want to microwave the entire chew then you can wait till your furball has munched on it enough to make it into a small piece. You can take that piece and give it to them in the end to munch on.

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