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Why is it bad to feed your dog human food?

Don’t we all love to spoil our pet dogs with oodles of kisses, hugs and food from our own plate? Kisses and hugs are fine but what about the table scraps? They might be doing more harm than good to your dog. Read on to find out why.

1.  Human food can be hazardous to dogs:

Always do your research before feeding your dog, human food, because foods those are suitable for our consumption can be poisonous to your dog and can very well pose danger to your mutt. Not all human food is bad for dogs, but foods like chocolate, garlic, nuts, grapes and raisins are bad for them.

shouldnt feed your dog human food

2.  Human food has high calorific value:

Human food is mostly high on calories and fat; and like we struggle to keep obesity at bay so do our canine counter parts. A common concern with feeding table scraps is that it causes obesity. This risk is higher for small dogs, as it takes very few extra calories to cause weight gain. Instead feed them fruits and yogurt.

on't feed dogs human food

3. Dogs get addicted to the taste of human food:

The issue arises when your dog stops eating it’s own food and craves for human food. They develop a taste for human food and get hooked to it. We suggest giving your dog a long lasting chew from Dogsee Chew. Now that’s something that’s tasty and healthy and completely ok to crave for!

human food not good for dogs

4. Don’t Share your meal with the Dog:

If you share your meal with your mutt, it will encourage “begging” and it will start getting annoying when you have guests over and your dog starts following them around, practically snatching the food right out of their plates! We can all agree that this behavior is super-annoying, so stop feeding table scraps to your dog immediately!

dont share your meal with the dog

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  • by ishita kishore, post on | Reply

    Well! I almost searched every blog,magazine and online resource for this issue and was surprised to find so many people with the same question. This article is very crisp,I could get the message in just a scan unlike most of the information out there. May be you could also include foods like avocado,spicy masalas and chewing gums which should be completely avoided. These all cause terrible digestion issues and gastrointestinal problems amongst dogs. On the hand, there are a lot of food items like carrots, apples and cabbage which could be given to your pets to provide them with essential vitamins.I am a happy owner of 17 month old Pomeranian and vouch for the some of the human foods provided they are suitable for my pet, consulting a vet is the first thing I do. I have also seen other folks vouching for chocolates and long life of their pets, But, I feel it purely depends on the digestive system of the dog. Here, I got to the behavioral aspect of sharing food.Thanks for the tip!

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