From the Himalayas to your Home

Prepared from the indigenous Himalayan yak milk

The milk from yaks, a unique animal found in the Himalayas, 3000 meters above sea level, is highly nutritious. The yaks graze on the pure grasslands and drink the pristine Himalayan waters which add medicinal value to their milk. This milk is used in the production of yak cheese called Churpi, which is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

Handcrafted, not machine-produced

The centuries-old traditional Himalayan recipe of Churpi has been preserved by Dogsee Chew. Untouched by modern innovations, Dogsee Chew treats are 100% natural without the addition of any preservatives. The yak farmers boil and stir the milk till it thickens. The cheese, or Churpi, is then extracted from this nutritious milk.

Smoke-dried for the perfect flavour

Under the natural wind conditions of the Himalayas, the cheese is smoke-dried for over 35 days, till it hardens. The varying temperatures of the Himalayas provide extra hardness and rich cheesy flavor.

Distributed with dedication

Each pack of Dogsee Chew is filled with the love and care of over 7000 farmers from 150 villages. These 100% natural, grain-free chews are then transported around the world.

Every lick, bite and chew filled with Nutrition